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I started writing blogs within the iBankCoin Blogger Network in February. Since then, I have written about 30 posts. That pales in comparison to others on this site. I have enjoyed writing and posting ideas, and I know a couple people out there are listening (shout out to Vertigo). Most of these posts are written to generate ideas, but more importantly they serve as a journal for myself. Blogging my thoughts and making them presentable to you guys helps me out a lot, and I don’t think it hurts you at all. I think I should share some background as to who I am, without revealing too much at the same time. Anonymity seems to be the theme on this site, so I will stick with my funky rapper name of Tpain.

I am an undergraduate Economics student at a top university. Since trading isn’t taught in textbooks, I decided to venture into the investment world on my own. I have experience day trading from working with a proprietary firm, but I have since moved on because scalping the market became frustrating. Finding setups that would break out or down based entirely on chart patterns became too time consuming, and using the firms capital started to stress me out. I didn’t like someone telling me to sell my shares or cover my short when it was working. I had some cash so I thought to myself, why not do this on my own? I developed a trading style that is a mix of swing trading and position trading (very similar to most on this site), and so far it has been working. I take enjoyment in developing a thesis for a trade. Sifting through annual and quarter reports to find anomalies is fun to me. I hope that doesn’t sound sick or something. Overall, I have only 3 years of experience in active, real money trading. I have been interested in stocks since I was 15 and always paper traded while sitting in my high school classes. So far I have made some decent returns, and family members and friends are now asking me to manage their accounts. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…I feel that I need to prove myself more in order to trust myself with other peoples money. With that being said, I have accepted a few due to pressure.

Okay, so that’s my background as it pertains to trading. Maybe as time goes on you guys can read about my “interesting” life.

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  1. Thanks Zen and DJMarcus, the feedback is much appreciated.

  2. keep it up – good stuff

  3. I agreed with Chuck. Having to worry about other money at this early stage can impact your decision making. What is once a slam-dunk in-and-out now become a “erh… maybe I should hold since so and so is watching…”

    Long long time ago, I gave a tip to a family friend and it cost me a bundle ’cause I felt guilty taking profit when he just got in. So I decided to hold. Gave back all my gain and more. After that, no more tip.

    How do you avoid having your family members and friends approach you to manage their money when you are not ready? Easy, don’t tell them how well you do even though you want to shout out to them. It is your ego trying to get attention. Learn to keep your gain to yourself quietly. In time, making money no longer make you jump up and down which is what you want. When you get to that level, you can see the market clearly without your own ego getting in the way.

    Keep up your diligent and hard work on your trading; in time, you may even forsake your conventional career and become a full-time trader making zillion.

    My 2 cents.

    And thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for reading Chuck, means a lot. And yes I will be!

  5. chuck bennett

    be real careful with family money.


    chuck bennett

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