Trading NFP (FX)….if you really must


Without fail every NFP week I’ll get 4 new characters sending me e-mail with a sure-fire trading strategy ┬áto mop the floor with this News release.

This week was no exception….the claims are getting nuttier but Hey..”The New Improved Pips decimator 5000″ robot is guaranteed…wiki-leak approved.

One guy was claiming that we see a 70 pip jump and he had the “the bag-O-pips” plan to get your share of this Trillion dollar move


Strange thing is?

We average about a 30 pip move going back 3 months:











What I have noticed over time was that a couple minutes before the actual News release we generally do get a spike (25/30 pip range) allowing a buy in at lower than current price. So, you could most likely grab a position 10-12 pips under.

The Japanese will have to weaken the Yen and following along with the pattern, I’d say we are looking at a 100+ pip move in the near future…maybe as early as Sunday night.

Who knows for sure WHEN it will occur…looking back at the History of Intervention here…it’s not a matter of ” IF ”

Current Daily:


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