Top 10 reasons to vote sellSELLsell


After coming out of nowhere within the past week, loyal readers of iBC are beginning to understand the real threat coming from sellSELLsell’s insurgent voter outreach campaign. Nate Silver is reporting that unskewed polling data shows a shocking upset is brewing thanks to the “degenerate vote.”

With only hours to go before the election, I thought it would be helpful to share a few last minute reasons why you should vote wisely:

10. Rumors are circulating that Rhino was born in Kenya.

9. Despite some quality posts, Chuck Bennett died in 1973.

8. My campaign manager has experience with Romanian goat herds.

7. Maximus thinks “governments serve people

6. Voting for me is sends a Herman Cain message to the establishment.

5. I’ll post more Rick Ross videos if I win tabbed status

4. Clearly Raul is mentally disturbed.

3. I’m giving away free Obama phones to everyone who votes for me.

2. My investing strategy is a train wreck you know you want to watch

1. My followers are up 44% since my blogging started at iBC.

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