HD falls, sellSELLsell wins, and the game begins – what’s next?


Rhino ain’t got shit on a punk amateur like myself. sellSELLsell is a maniac with a tiny Scottrade account (no margin style).

My measly $2,000 trade in HD put options is now worth $2,760. Day one of my challenge to gain attention of Le Fly.

If the market shoots higher this morning, I will also get short Sherwin Williams via 5 contracts on the Jan 2013 150 strike. Paying no more than $4.00 each. That will cost me another $2k.

If market sells off, I will buy 100 shares of SODA below $38. My limit buy is actually set at $37.73 – but I may adjust it up to $38.

Those would be my first three positions of the challenge, committing $7,800 in my quest for $100,000 before June 10t, 2013. Feel free to follow along. I’m posting them trades in advance with their simple limit entry points because I want to prove the every man approach to this adventure.

With only $2,200 left in reserve if both these new trades execute, I’m preparing for only two outcomes… joining Rick Ross in a pineapple coffin and being anointed with a tabbed blog by Le Fly himself.

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