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Many Moving Parts…

Today is not your typical Wednesday:


Congressional hearings to make fun of the idiots who run the FED & Treasury and the criminal bailout of AIG.

A FED meeting where they dare not say or do anything.

Uncle Ben on the line with a vote tomorrow.

State of the Union tonight.

Apples’ tablet.

Major indices & commodities at first major support and trying to make a stand.

Financial & media Hoi-Polloi at Davos adding no value to anyone but themselves and their greatness.

New home sales suck.


I would not be shorting financials here. I would rather be long GS @ 150 than short…Pay attention to semi-capital equipment for the turn.

I will be be posting live, streaming HD-video during the day on the home page when appropriate for market updates. Stay tuned!

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Think like an analyst…

Apple on track for $60B rev, 14B net. Should sell at a multiple of 30x but discounted to 20X. 900m shares out @ 20x= $280 year end target, but add $20 per share for the tablet, for good measure. Target $300… Of course the shark will be jumped by every publishing analyst tomorrow …

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Good Morning!

No, I’m not a morning person. I hate the morn. As far as I’m concerned, I’d be happy if the sun never came up. That’s why I now reside in the Lapland with my herd of Reindeer. Yet, here I am banging my digits in the early morning hours.

I’m excited to be asked to join the site of Le Fly. I’ve admired his winship, lyrical prose and his “sometimes wrong but never in doubt” attitude. I’m nowhere near as witty or erudite as Mr. Fly, as anonymity breeds certain freedoms, but I promise to add value…

I will be posting intraday market observations and I’ll make near-term directional calls when appropriate. I will also be posting my own charts of the major indices and some of my favorite trades–also when appropriate.

Please visit weekdays to spy the simulcast of my radio show at 9am EST. Register with uStream to post comments, or use twitter @createcapital. Please let me know what I can do better, but don’t get carried away or I’ll have to pull a heavy Sicilian pie out of the oven and slap you with those hot, square slices…

Check this out.

EBAY: SHORT 24.00, STOP 26.00, TARGET 18.00


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