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Why Worry?

Oh God! The gnashing of teeth, the newfound worry and doubt!

With economically sensitive stocks and commodities crashing, everyone is now worried that the reality of the real world is about to displace the distorting fantasy of QE, POMO, ZIRP and free money from helicopters.

Just because Apple has gained and lost $600 billion in market value over the past year?

The astrological signs have moved into disunion. The heavens are shifting. The major indices have pulled back and everyone is scared.

Yea of little faith in St. Ben! A little ebb & flow is a good thing. But just be careful in chasing the winners as they are more than a little expensive, historically.

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  1. razorsedge

    what this was all fake? lol. spy puts r makin me happy, but i wish i had more.

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