Proud to say that we made it! For how long I cannot say!


Well, we made it. The forecast of a test of the highs before the cold weather is official for the Dow and the Dow Transports. End of the month, election and QEII just ahead.

11 Responses to “Proud to say that we made it! For how long I cannot say!”

  1. Teahouse On The Tracks

    But are you content with that or looking for more?

    I’m holding out for SPX 1221 ….

  2. william wallace

    I live in Alaska, so it looks like your a little late on your prediction to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congratulations, Scott.

  4. Are you done for the year now?

    • Nope. Got more to sell. And looking for the next overall market setup. I don’t know whether it will be long, short or sideways yet. We are still in the “reach for the stars”.

      When I see it, you’ll know…

  5. On Bloomberg an hour ago, Marc Faber, the Scott Bleier of Switzerland, said we need a correction and then a QE3, 4 & 5, and stocks will continue to go up.

  6. Is that gap in AUG looking for backfill?

  7. You certainly have a grasp of the markets. Nicely done sir.

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