Scott Buys


CBS @ 12.35
YHOO @ 13.95
LSI @ 4.55
MOT @6.42
GE @ 13.94

LLL@ 70.20

To start…

9 Responses to “Scott Buys”

  1. Cojones!!

  2. Scott why GE?

  3. Update on stock list in premium? thanks

  4. maybe in 20 yrs those will all be a double…:) jk…good luck

    • Don’t want the upside of a double cuz I don’t want the risk of being cut in half.

      BTW–I think you also said that about Ford…

  5. I am also in YHOO, almost pulled the trigger on MOT on your rec’d. Decided to wait.


  6. I remember you posted GE’s chart last month or so, and at the time your target price was $22. What is GE’s target price for you now? Because i am a long time holder since years’ ago and trying to average down, then hopefully get out,,,,,. Thanks.

  7. Well, yesterday’s buys are hanging in there with LSI a loser down a nickle and GE down a dime…

    BTW, the new GE target must be old support–the 17-17.50 area…

    • Thanks Scott. Ah,,,,,,I never be able to divorce from GE,,,,learning lessons,,,fortunately I am young enough to wait for decades??!! Have a great 4th of July weekend !!

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