Here come the Fed minutes, would you like to bet against the clam? He would like you to, and so would I. I will enjoy seeing haters of Ben Shalom get their guts ripped out in a just mere minutes. I forgot to mention that I let my ISRG calls exercise, why? Because, I think the name goes way up in the long run. I could have tried to sell out on the expiration day, but ISRG options are so illiquid, with a horrendous bid/ask spread. Which leads me to my next point.

I am still undecided on TSLA, but know that if they beat, I will be a buyer tomorrow on any volume. I’m also currently looking at calls. They could miss horribly too, of course, but this earnings season has been nothing but surprises. I’ll make my decision in the next 90 minutes. Do I really need to play a lotto ticket? What’s wrong with me?

Here we go


  1. widespread panik

    ISRG is a SHORT. I know a few smart Dr’s in my town that has the distinction of being the ONLY city under 250,000 people on earth that has 2 almost 3 of their overhyped machines. You need to look into the lawsuits that are bubbling under the surface. My Dr. friend said all the hospitals thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread a few years ago but have been “bullied” by the sales force into using it in procedures where it’s not appropriate and the incremental costs are through the roof. Obama care cometh!

  2. widespread panik

    TSLA on the other hand if profitable by next qtr should print a 55-65 roll soon!

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