Earnings Addict


I started a 3% position in TSLA. I can afford the downside, and the upside– if they beat and guide well –should be astronomical. Below is a video that outlines the structure of our newest fund. We are finally getting the compliance (read: PAIN IN THE ASS) filings done. This fund will not be subjected to the degeneracy of earnings plays, instead the positions will be of the highest birth, throwing dividends at shareholders. I’m off to purchase a sammich, and will be back.


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  1. Rhino,
    I did sell out of COLM today(+11%)
    Thanks to Mother Nature’s Nemo on the added lift.
    Luck in Timing…,I suppose.

    slight bonus..capturing Dividend $0.220000
    Annualized Dividend Yield 1.64%
    Ex. Dividend Date 02/19/13

    I’ll cheer from sidelines on your TSLA trade.

    Interdigital reports tonight..I’ll definitely be tuning into their cc. as I have every Q for a whole bunch of years.
    *hold position Long(core)

    • IDCC announced Q4 earnings of $0.38 per share (vs. $0.022) at 2/20/2013 4:25:00 PM ET

      take that Herb..(inside joke)
      beautiful conference so far

  2. end cc..
    congrats to IDCC and William Merritt serving the past 17yrs as CEO

  3. #17..lucky…[email protected] it all..
    (much more of an inside joke for all you pickr’s)

  4. Who is managing this fund?

  5. well..H#LL..would you look at that.
    whoever bought my COLM shares is happy today


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