Bring Out Ya Shorts


As “El Senior Tropicana de Casa Fly” has pointed out, at these high levels it’s best to reach out for stocks with higher market caps. ¬†Will large caps move up slower, possibly, but with less risk attached. Again, along with the Emperor, I have already crushed it this year, and am now looking for lower risk stocks, no more lottery tickets. I’ll admit that I did gamble a bit on earnings, but I won, so I can’t say it was bad trading. I was also trying desperately to make up my losses of 4Q 2012, a definite “no-no,” but it was motivating. I pulled out my trusty old short smashing screen, and added a market cap field to it. There was only one name on the list with over 20% short interest and an over $5bn market cap, so here are names with $1bn market cap and over 20% short interest, sorted by market cap.

I then modified the fields to names with over 10% short interest and over $5bn in market cap, again sorted by market cap. [EDIT: there is a very good chance I will be buying SAM and MMR tomorrow].

I am already long NFLX, but with it’s earnings and Icahn being an investor, I think it continues up, WAY up.

Charts here

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