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I love the money management game, but I’m not that patient always. All around me, friends and tools alike are becoming millionaires just by working for tech companies here, and getting options. “The Once and Future Rhino” will not be denied, and besides dealing with FINRA and trying to collect on a closed position, I am assembling a team of “bosses.” Think the expendables, but with tech entrepreneurs. There are some DUMB ASS ideas that went public out there, just think if you come up with a halfway decent one?

It’s ALWAYS a hustle, whatever it is, and with a tiny two bedroom, two bathroom condo around the corner going for $1.75mm, and NOT EVEN MAKING IT TO THE OPEN MARKET BEFORE BEING UNDER CONTRACT, I have to get to hustling now.  It doesn’t have a yard or even a deck, mind you. Oh, and only one parking spot, in  a shared garage.


Don’t think I am going anywhere, stocks are still my main thang, I’m just trying to buy a mansion up on Divis’ and Broadway sooner rather than later.


Look for GILD, ELLI, RGR, and SWHC to rip.

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  1. Living in a tree on safari is already off the docket? Would have made for some good bloggin’

  2. swhc trading poorly. frustrating seeing it not move higher in a strong tape

  3. The lesson is to be a realtor in the Marina dude

    • no kidding! the numbers on some of these places can not be justified in any financial way. feels like living in a bad dream of financial lunacy??

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