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If you had listened to “Senor Tropicana,” The PPT, and my lowly peon self, you would know that the refiners were set to break out. They are doing it with vast grandeur this fine day. If you had listened to me last night/this morning, you would have been privy to this move in FB. I’m sorry I was gone for most of the day, still trying to kick this devil spawn from my bloodstream, thus spending a vast amount of the morning in the fetal position.

Now, what happens tomorrow? Either we continue this rip roaring bull fest, or we digest all the delicacies we consumed today. I think we rip, hell, the “S and Eat Your Peas” closed at the highest level in 5 years. This market wants higher, just like folks in the inner city want someone to be “held accountable fo’ they fifteen kids,” seriously look here. Actually, if you really feel like getting pissed off, watch this longer version, don’t blame me if you become unhinged, here. It’s absolutely crazy, and maybe this market is too.

Just as I know Eric Holder is a sociopath and coward, I know there’s a lot of money to be made in this market. A top pick, I know it’s crazy, but FB long, truly. Finally EXK and WNR have risen from the dirt, “hey y’all, watch this!” One of the things I¬†received¬†when I got my tab, as part of my blogging tool box (no Tim Sykes), was my Space Helmet– custom made, mind you. Grab yours and let’s go.

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  1. widespread panik

    Please tell me more on your DDD short thesis. I sold mine once I heard about the accounting issues and am also close to shorting it. I am hoping for an above 60 role. Also AAPL was my biggest holding until the day before 3rd qtr earnings. Accumulating some 3/6 2013 spreads.

  2. Do you take a probiotic?

    I take 1 when I wake up and 1 right before bed and I managed to not get sick at all when Tuberculosis’s 2nd cousin swept through my house over the holidays. It got my parents, my wife, both kids (including my son who came down with Croup), my sister and mother-in-law. It’s not like I’m the picture of health right now either…sleeping like 5 hours a night.

    Anyway, I’m becoming more and more convinced that there is a correlation between taking a probiotic and not getting sick.

    • The Once and Future Rhino

      Used to take one, plus fish oil, and a multi, but I’ve been too lazy/busy to pick some up our order them.

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