Dare I Say It?


Look, I hate a lot of the stuff coming into Silicon Valley and SF business wise, because they have vastly changed theĀ landscapeĀ of renting and buying property. Go ahead and look up the premium of having a GOOG bus stop near a house. I’m serious. Thus, I have often made it a point to find shorts in this area. Believe me, SF will do just fine without all this other tech BS. So what’s the pick? Lady Rhino would say that it’s as if I bought an AAPL product, but it’s FB. That’s right, I bought it today, look. You can also seek further conviction here from “Senor Tropicana.” I hate this company, and I hate the product itself, but the stock is going back to its IPO price. I don’t know what they announce, but Cramer, CNBC, and Twitter are going to laud it and send the name higher.

I’m also bullish on SWHC and RGR. They will probably have their BEST earnings reports EVER in the coming weeks and months. Beware, you may want to sell them into earnings, because their guidance could be sketchy with the way things are in DeeCee right now.

Charts here.

2 Responses to “Dare I Say It?”

  1. “Go ahead and look up the premium having a GOOG bust stop near a house is.” WTH does tis mean?

  2. means that houses near a GOOG bus stop are materially more expensive in SF than a house 8 blocks further down the same street.

    while i don’t enjoy seeing my “nothing special” rental house in SF worth $2m because it means I can’t justify buying it I DO enjoy having our local norcal economy ripping all day every day with super low unemployment for skilled workers. Plus all the baller 23 year old tech guys spend on nice stuff so we have a buffet of restaurants with stars

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