What a Wonderful Day


Today we drove from Fredrick, MD down to Waldorf, MD, where the sister of my sister-in-law and her family live, if that makes sense?  There were 5 ladies, 6 kids, and 5 men. Of those, one of the ladies was 93 years old and going strong, 2 were ex-pilots– one Air Force and the other Army “Dust Off.” The men, well one went to Annapolis and was a “Surface Nuke,” one went to West Point and commanded “THE Regiment,” one went to Air Force and is in charge of some important planes, one flies special helos, and the other was just a lowly paratrooper. The other ladies? Well they had to put up with these idiots, either as their wives or mothers. Sorry, I think I am already in violation of OpSec. In all honesty though, THAT was the ABSOLUTE last house to rob on the street.

You know what happens when your nephews/sons get toy guns for Christmas and two of the folks used to teach MOUT? Well, MOUT was taught (Google it), but strangely they would rather play with LEGOs. I guess that is a good sign? We had the most delicious brine rubbed smoked turkey flown in from Texas, it was the best I ever had– my mom hated it though “Ew, the after taste is like dirty seawater,” (or something along those lines). Oh, Sweet potato casserole, cornbread casserole, green beans, stuffing, mashed “taters,” gravy, fresh cranberry, and homemade pecan and pumpkin pies were all served. I am not really into kids, probably because I am never around them. Seeing my brother hold my nephew and watching them both smile at each other was truly heart warming. Seeing some of the most hardened warriors this country– and world for that matter –has to offer, melt while they look at their kids and grand-kids is something that I can’t even explain. These men who have sacrificed so much, and have seen the worst of humanity, absolutely melt at the sight of a baby smiling as they reach for a table cloth, or a collar button.

This may not seem like anything special, but it shows what a true MAN is made of. He goes off to war, does awful things, then comes back and is a REAL family man. He changes diapers, he gets up in the middle of the night, and he sure as hell is not at the bar while his wife is at home. The only time he is away is when he is training or deployed. Look, these men, including me, are not angels, they’re far from it… but… They would do anything they could to come to anyone’s aid, they truly love their families, and they put/have put their lives on the line so idiots can collect welfare and run their mouths about gun control and dumb shit like that.  Oh, what else did they provide to society? Well one has been a nuclear engineer for 30 years and the other has managed regional banks–  you know, paying like 45% taxes. How you like them apples? Should they even be paying taxes? In their minds yes, in mine, no.

See, if we were still on the tundra of Northern Europe or the African Savannah, these men would be in charge, and more than likely (based on their values and morals) we would live in a utopia. However, here we are, where men like this are the vast minority and have little to no voice. It’s a sad reality, but that’s what it is. I love all these folks very much, and guess what? ALL these men HUG. I’m just so honored and humbled to be able to break bread at the same table. I hope I can live up to the standards set by these great men, and even be half the fathers and grand-fathers they are. I also cannot wait for Ms. Rhino to get here tomorrow evening and meet HER nieces and nephews. I never thought I would be such a family dude, but I guess we all grow up? I think I have said too much, as now the “Ms.” is getting ideas……

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  1. good post

  2. Nice post.

    I used to be “not really into kids”…then I had a couple of my own. You likely know this already, but it will completely change your perspective.

  3. Rhino, good read, thanks!

    Starbucks breakfast
    Got drunk in Waikiki
    Two Honolulu Strip Bars
    Ho Ho Ho
    Merry Fucking Christmas

  4. Merry Christmas Rhino. Good read.

  5. Nice..So glad that you shared a very meaningful Christmas.

    Ahhh, baby Rhino’s are really cute..:))

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