Please excuse my absence. My body decided to revolt against me around 3 am, and I have been battling since.

Today I bought a large amount of MOS. Agricultural stocks shall rip in the coming months, for further backing of this thesis see these post by @raul3 (here) and @redman59 (here).

I also bought a large amount of LULU. Retailers are beaten down today, and I have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to so called “pros.” In this article by Eric Jackson he asked for top long and short picks for 2013 from traders/investors that he follows in the twitter and blogospheres. Rightfully so, Senor Tropicana was at the top of the list picking HMC as his top long. I can say with confidence that that is a very viable pick. More than a few of the people polled thought LULU was the best short, I’m here to prove them wrong. I’ve given my bullish case on the name multiple times within these halls. I look forward to proving the others wrong as well too.

Read the article here.

I’d have to agree with Josh Brown’s picks, but I find him much harder to take serious after all his anti-gun rants.

8 Responses to “Pros”

  1. I spent like $300 for three pieces of clothing for wife at LULU.

    Profit machine

    • revenue per square foot second only to AAPL. I buy the lady an outfit every holiday, and they are always busy and/or out of what I am looking for. Their inventory literally flies off the shelf.


    Potash prices and the ETF
    Maybe something to consider

  3. Thanks for the link in your post. MOS a favorite but earnings on the 4th have sidelined thinking of an options strategy around it.

    Good luck in the LULU, was hoping you had pictures of the apparel being modeled so I know what I may be investing in.

  4. Everyone is too optimistic. I’m going permabear on these hoes. I think European financial stocks will disappoint. Looking to short BBVA, ING, AEG, DB, etc. sometime in 2013.

  5. What is your target for MOS ? Thanks Rhino.

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