I’m On Your Coast


Flying is fucking horrible for me. I feel bad for those of you taller than me, though the width is often times the problem. But here the fuck I am, blogging from my parents basement, literally (no hispter). I am not going to have much time to trade or blog tomorrow, as I am going to be used like a beast of burden. I’ll find time though. Futures are still moderately down, and Asia is mostly up, but volume is VERY low. Sounds like a crappy day tomorrow, or half of one (no glass). You know what’s completely crappy? the way the Niners played tonight. WTF was that shit? That was the Universe punishing me for something, I don’t know what. Today was a flogging for me; driving to the airport in crazy wind and rain, walking through the same, having a middle seat (my fault), and flying across country. Now I am here, amongst the “normals.” Who wants to take bets as to how long it takes for some idiot to make a “Gay Bay/SF Fag” joke? Not including my dickhead brother. 20 hours? 30?

HAHAHA, so funny! But not. I generally comeback with, “Wow! You are so creative and original from being from here! I bet your 7th grade teacher is proud, or did you make it that far? In all honesty, have you ever been out of Maryland? Wow, you went to New York once? You are seriously traveled, you must know so much about the world! The funny thing is I can slap you to death, but I’d feel bad, as you are part of the small population who has a job here. Hey, maybe one day, if you’re lucky, you’ll make it to Epcot or Vegas!” (nothing against MD, that’s just where I am.  I would do that the same it was Oregon, Texas, or New Brunswick.)

I think I need to take my ass to bed now, but have you chart lovers seen this site yet? @RaginCajun is in love with it; I am apparently (because of my area code), in love with men. Only one of those statements is true. If you like charts you’ll probably like this, otherwise you’re into vascular girth. here. I know you’re confused, but don’t post pics of your balls there, there’s an app for that. And, if you don’t use FinViz.com. you are seriously missing out.




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