Every Time…


I think I’m down and out, and there is no one left– Someone comes through. It’s amazing! It gives me faith in humanity– which is hard for me to find. There’s one lesson to take away from everything that has happened lately; life is too short. Thus, grab hold of everyone around you, except for your creepy uncle.

I never thought I would make it out of Iraq. But, here I am, thriving. It’s crazy, but here’s another Christmas, another. I don’t think you understand how fragile we are, but we TRULY are. Relish in the fact that you are free, and your loved ones are too. I spent two Christmases in a row in Baghdad, and thus, I’ll never be the sane[sic] . Please just know, we have a small sliver of time, enjoy and relish it.


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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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