Report: Drone Strike on Santa


It seems the idiots in DeeCee can’t come to an agreement on important things, but they have agreed to send out drones to shoot down Santa. The two reasons were; he’s offensive to Muslims, and he doesn’t give a fair share to both the naughty and nice kids. Doesn’t make any sense to a peon like me, but hey, that’s why we elected them right? I don’t even want to look at my book, as it’s just sad, with blow ups all over. 2012 was a great year for me, except for this last month. I guess I can look at it two ways, January can only get better, or it’s just one month out of the twelve. I hate saying stuff like that period. All that matters in the end is the numbers. Here’s my worst trades of 2012.

FB puts into their latest earnings.

Long YELP and ZNGA into the FB IPO.


2013 shall be “The Year of iBC”

2 Responses to “Report: Drone Strike on Santa”

  1. I would cancel Christmas for the 47% this year. No Obamaphone coverage for you lazy fucks. And lay off the 3rd helping of large McDonald’s fries ONLY.

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