Election Picks


I have thought about this so much my brain hurts, or maybe it’s because of the concussions. Either way, I am on the fence about Financials and Auto Manufacturers, Romney is all about big┬ábusiness, but he is not down with unions or anymore bailouts, (see firing Bernanke). Whereas Obama, is all about pumping more QE into the system and tossing a bunch of free coin and subsidizes to the unions. Per @a_bh_a “Anything with financial regulations is a short with an Obama win. Insurance, Financials, Derivative Beneficiaries”

Here is a shot of the spreadsheet, and my brain is dead, possibly after 10 or so hours of football. Please drop some ideas in the comments section.


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  1. If Obama wins, PJ is going to be so sad. We may have to buy him a few tacos.

  2. Can we short global warming again if Mr. O wins?

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