Election Picks


I have thought about this so much my brain hurts, or maybe it’s because of the concussions. Either way, I am on the fence about Financials and Auto Manufacturers, Romney is all about big business, but he is not down with unions or anymore bailouts, (see firing Bernanke). Whereas Obama, is all about pumping more QE into the system and tossing a bunch of free coin and subsidizes to the unions. Per @a_bh_a “Anything with financial regulations is a short with an Obama win. Insurance, Financials, Derivative Beneficiaries”

Here is a shot of the spreadsheet, and my brain is dead, possibly after 10 or so hours of football. Please drop some ideas in the comments section.


4 Responses to “Election Picks”

  1. If Obama wins, PJ is going to be so sad. We may have to buy him a few tacos.

  2. Can we short global warming again if Mr. O wins?

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