Sequester Is On: Enjoy Your Peas of Wal-Marted “Great Value” Label


Let it be known that I write this post under a hoppy notion (no Rhino session-ales).  This week I have been paying close attention to what is (or is not) going on with our politicians.  An absolute fucking joke if you ask me.  These people are not leaders.  I’ve always believed in the military as a fore-front runner in being able to produce true leaders.  Example, a 19 year old NCO leading patrols of 13 men in combat zones consisting of MOUT.  Situations like these can extrapolate leadership skills to all walks of life.

Now I look at these politicians that cannot come to a decision and must say they have remarkable skills of procrastination.  With the latest news it looks like the sequester will take effect.  Meanwhile many Americans are saying “How does this affect me?”  Honestly besides some slight inconvenience I really don’t think it will, and that’s great because if we can take some trimmings without big consequences that’s good.  But what if you have one of those jobs that are looking at a furlough?

This is where I get pissed.  Currently I work for the DoD, specifically the Pentagon who are looking to take some of the worst cuts.  After talking with supervisors and hearing scuttlebutt I am looking at a 20% cut in my pay check.  I will go from a 80 hour pay period (2 weeks) to a 64 hour pay period.  If you made $2000 every two weeks you can now look forward to $1600 or a loss of $400 every two weeks and equating to about $800/mo.  Hell that’s a nice ride you just bought but is a fucking phantom as you can’t see or feel it.

Needless to say this may not effect the public directly as much but if you work for the government you’re getting the green weenie (military terms in force).  Personally I am looking to go from a life of :

  • Fine craft beers to Coors Light specials or gas station malt liquors being on BOGO
  • Single-Malt Scotch drank neat to Military Special Rum or Vodka mixed heavily with Orange Crush to dilute the roughness
  • Fun-filled family nights at the Japanese Hibachi to shrimp flavored Ramen Noodles
  • Nights at the batting cage for my son to at home with ping-pong balls and wiffle bat

Mind you I have no problem paying my fair share, only if cuts are across the board.  I saw what the sequester will benefit and it’s a joke.  Why the fuck did I not see anything about welfare on that cut list.  That is another thing that bothered me.  I love the days of pioneer (cheers Jeremiah Johnson) as if you were not willing to work or goes by any means to survive, you didn’t.  It was true survival.  As a nation it is all about “hey if you don’t make it you will be supported”.  How the hell am I going to teach my kid about the ethics of hard work when he can see that you will be supported whether you work hard or not?

Maybe I’m just bitter as I am directly affected but let me ask if you were to take 20% of your paycheck would you be upset?  Like I said if it were across the board then okay but its not and this sucks.  Needless to say I will survive and my family will too but damn I will miss the local butcher shop cuts of beef and now will settle for horse meat….and enjoy your Wal-Marted Great Value peas.

I leave you with this political satire that is probably the best I have seen since Monty Python’s and the Search For The Holy Grail. It is well worth the 3 minutes of your time. Also a song from NOFX:

7 Responses to “Sequester Is On: Enjoy Your Peas of Wal-Marted “Great Value” Label”

  1. Sorry to hear about your cut. From a fellow “ham & egger”, I realize this is huge. What’s so crazy is all of the havoc that is supposed to happen based on a cut to the growth in spending.

    I’m hoping maybe the talk around your shop is just hype, and that you’re able to ‘keep on” without a disruption.

    • LOL, ham and egger, haven’t heard that in a while. Thanks for the links and comment. I can definitely agree that there is unnecessary spending going on.

      As far as pay cut it’s one of those things where there is still unknowns as to how much and to trust what a politician is saying is naive.

      I always like to plan for the worst and right now I go by what the inner circle is saying but subject to change. After crunching numbers and such it would be a hell of a hit, planning for worst case scenario that is.

  2. i feel the same way when it comes to “welfare debate”. and the illegal alien welfare debate. that second one costs us over 1.5 trill,yes a trill every year. now, try going from a 100%,to 00.00 income,and at my age.then we can pick a bitch. the time to act has passed,in my eyes.

  3. You’ve got the right attitude – it’s always wise to think ahead & have a plan. I picked up the phrase “ham & egger” from ‘The Brain’ as a kid back in the 80’s…. I thought it was such a lowly title back then. Never thought it would one day describe me…lmao!

    • Haha great video…The Brain! Always loved Saturday morning wrestling as a kid.

      Oh well guess there could be worse social titles out there..

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