Our Politicians Are Smarter Than You Think


Watching the market sell in the morning and continue is no surprise as our politicians couldn’t collaborate a bill or whatever they are trying to do.  I am here to tell you that I have found out the genius behind this lack of organizational thoughts and ideas.  While they are on the Hill arguing we need to do this but it can’t include that, they are actually smiling as the people are rallying.

Yes, in watching the social stream I am noticing an agreement amongst the people….we hate our politicians.  This is one reason why I don’t get into politics and that is because I believe my vote doesn’t matter.  In a tallying sense maybe, but no matter who gets elected because of my vote there will always be some sort of conflict on the Hill to where people will be affected.  People are magnets of opposite poles and while one side may benefit one side will be negatively affected.

Our politicians are bridging that gap as of now even though the Fiscal Cliff scenario is a full go.  Whether we end up going over the Fiscal Cliff or not, you will not change it.  Like in military operations, you always go in with the perfect plan but that changes after the first round is fired.  It doesn’t pay to worry the about Fiscal Cliff, if it happens it happens and all you can do is adjust your plan.  I wanted to learn trading because it interested and no one cares more about my money more than I do and I trust no one else to watch or trade with my best interest in mind.

Yes our politicians are geniuses.  When people in this country are becoming more and more divided we all can pretty much agree on one thing that is our hate for politicians is parabolic.


Please elected officials quit the hodgepodge-ry and just do something or just tell us it won’t be done.

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