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Late Night Fact

If the [[YHOO]] deal goes through at $31/share, that gives Yahoo a 61 multiple. If you valued [[GOOG]] by the same metrics, Google should be trading at $779.58.

Rhetorical Question: If the P/E ratio is determined by growth, and Google is growing almost twice is fast, shouldn’t Google get a higher multiple?

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AAPL: Bought @ 135.00

Starting a new position in [[AAPL]] right here. I will be scaling back in the name on future weakness.

Note: [[ISRG]], [[MA]], & [[UA]] on fire!

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Morning News

Premarket action

Grab your hot cup of coffee and dig into notable calls.

Check out the reports from XOM & CVX

Late Buy/Sell Recommendations, courtesy of Between the Hedges
– Buy on [[LLL]], target $129.
– Buy on [[HOLX]], target $81.

….and as always, don’t forget to check out your funny money links

Note: I will be out of pocket all day, but look for updates all weekend long.

Note II: I hope you enjoyed my first week at iBank. If you didn’t, sorry, I’m here to stay! Go Giants!

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