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I’m All The Way Up

Today is a very important day for The Cajun. I’ve signed sealed and delivered a purchase agreement to sell the first business that I started eight years ago. This business has nothing to do with what I do here, or will it benefit you in any way, but for me, let’s just say I put my family in a very secure place.

I’m heading to Destin, FL (my second home), for memorial day weekend to celebrate. When I return, expect many changes to our premium service, 12631. Many many changes.

Also, my apologies to all for the light content & trades over the past few weeks. The negotiation process was treacherous, but over now.

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My Shake Shack Review

The first thing I did upon checking in to my hotel this past weekend, the Fitzpatrick Grand Central, was hit up Shake Shack. I knew my time would be limited and could not miss the opportunity to see what the hype was about.

Due to time constraints, I decided to walk over to Grand Central Station and visit Shake Shack on the lower level. I know some of you said this was a mistake, and not to visit this location, but it was convenient. Plus, I have yet to visit Grand Central Station.

Upon entering the lower level I made my way to the Shack and could not believe my eyes. The line was wrapped like people was waiting for a ride at Disney world. I almost left after seeing the line wrap behind the restaurant, but decided to wait it out.

The line actually moved pretty fast, which was pleasing. However, after I ordered I was given a buzzer like I was waiting for a table at a casual dining restaurant.

Just my order, a single guy, was $20.34. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, fries with a dipping cheese sauce, a coke, and a vanilla shake. I thought to myself, good thing I didn’t have my whole family, the bill would have been nearly $100 for some burgers. People didn’t seem to care about price though, the line continued to stay long and people were hanging out drinking beer and wine while they waited.

Finally the buzzer goes off, and my food arrives. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Now I had to find a table, which was a task of its own. 5 minutes later, I sat down, opened my bag, and on first sight a little disappointed at the size of the burger. The burger was good though, the bun instantly stood out and was delicious. The fires were also good, the cheese sauce complimented them well– a must. The shake was good, although nothing impressive for $5, but good.

All in all, the experience was good. I felt pleased and satisfied with my meal even though it was a little pricey and the burger was small. I now understand the hype surrounding the stock. People do not care to pay up for this place, they also do not care to wait almost an hour for their burger. They just want their Shake Shack.

I’m still eying a potential investment in $SHAK here. The timing seems right now that it has traded back to its iPO price, at least worth a starter position with plans to add on weakness. I see the company doing well in all markets and being around for a while.

That cheese sauce tho. I want more.

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The Planning Has Already Begun

I didn’t get my boy, so the planning for kid #3 has already begun. I had plans of only having two kids– max, but this plan has changed. My wife was planning to get her tubes tied after this pregnancy– she only wanted one child. I told her that I forbid her to do anything of the sort after the events of today.


I’m already doing some online shopping for another shotgun. I’ll get back to stocks in a minute.

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I Have Answers

In my previous post, I mentioned that The Fly is away tending to other business and I have the keys. I asked what you guys wanted to talk about, and you responded. Here are my answers:


“How about a video demo of some of the cooler features of Exodus?

Also, update us on the status of your back and any discoveries of new pain meds we might want to try… Therapeutically, of course.”

@Anton, follow me on twitter, @RaginCajun, maybe I can do a periscope of Exodus. A professional video will be coming at a later date. As far as my back, all they gave me was hydrocodine after my procedure, which was crap. I threw them away. They had me try Lyrica before my procedure, not as a pain medicine, but to settle my nerves, I enjoyed it. However, it did nothing to cure my pain.


“I’d like to know where everyone thinks money is going to rotate next.

Seems like the China trade is long in the tooth.
Long dollar/bonds trade also seems done to me but I don’t want to short it yet.
Big tech may be a short into earnings season, $QQQ starting to really underperform.


@baduck, The word is Energy and Emerging markets, I tend to agree. Looking out a few months.


“I liked the LINE call, who doesn’t like doing LINEs – but it’s looking like it failed to run”

@TheButher, I bought call options in $LINE as a gamble based on the huge volume profile above, May13s for 20 cents to be specific. I rarely trade options, because I seem to never have success with them. That being said, I expect my calls to go worthless and the trade to fail. Just being honest here.


“How high will the markets jump after the FED minutes are released?”

@Simba, no idea. Sorry, but I can only speak the truth here.


“Are you and all of yours OK?”

@granpa, I assume you are referring to my trip to the emergency room this morning at 2am. We are fine, and thanks for the concern. My three year old had a very bad croup, they called it stridor, and was having trouble breathing. They gave her some steroids and seems to be doing better, just a bad cough currently. I will let her know you asked about her.


“I have 25 or so long term picks and now have begun to trade names.Trading period is about 30-60 days .Each trade represents 3% of my portfolio and am looking for 10% pops.Early success with $PGH and $IQNT. Strategy?”
@Gorby, Make sure to diversify into different sectors, maybe even throw on a few shorts, if 25 positions at once. Manage risk, that’s job #1. Stick with solid companies on the long side. Leave the junk alone at this part of the risk cycle.

Billy Cutting

“what do the stock of the year standings look like?”


“Touch on small town Louisiana cuisine, if you will.”

@OA, being that I am the RaginCajun, one would think I enjoy southern food. I do, but not like most. Can’t go wrong with Dragos for Lobster, oysters, crawfish ect. I enjoy a good cup of Gumbo from just about anywhere down here on a cold winter day. And, Crawfish boils are a must in the spring time. Nothing better than getting together with friends over drinks and mudbugs. I just had one this past Easter Sunday. I must have ate at least 10lbs myself. #factsonly


“How much do you think good news
punishes the market.”

@Gorby, Lately the market has traded down on good news, never a good sign if you are a bull. Something to watch going forward, much to the delight of Bluestar.

“Do you think Fly could squat 315 ATG? Or at least slightly below parallel?”

@Marc, below parallel, no. That is tough. But, not to say he never will. He has been working hard in the gym.


“tell us how you would kick flys ass hypothetically in a street fight”

@Frog, I am from New Orleans, the Fly is from Brooklyn. I would lose in a street fight, it’s really that simple.


“Does the Fly look as intimidating as he sounds some times?”

@bear54, indeed he does.

Billy Cutting

“who wins the masters”

@Billy, no idea. I hate golf. No offense to golfers out there. Just speaking facts.


“Mo bio momomomo”

@Biffer, I am still long some $BIS

“What do you think of Bitcoins as a small speculative gamble?”

@trashman, excellent question, I am one of the few who believe in bitcoin. My first buy was in the 60s, sold around $400-$500, missed the big move to $1000. Recently loaded some more on this dip to $200. Will average in if I get lower prices.


“When do you know it’s time to cut a stock loose after you’ve dollar cost averaged it a few times?”

@AJ, most traders do not believe in averaging down. I do, if we are speaking for the long term. My rule is, if down more than 10% on last planned buy, time to cut and run. Even if it comes back, your entry was terrible, and you have to stay disciplined.


“why don’t porn sites like Pornhub go public? I’d be the first IPO buyer”

@Someone, stay away from porn, it will get you in trouble. Find a wife, raise a family. If married already, get your shit together.


“When will a Louisiana team make it to the Final Four?”

@ecchymosis, no idea, but I can see it happening within the next 10 years. I’ve got cushion on that trade.


“Which will happen first – $60 or $40 oil?”

@ecc, $60.

“If you were forced to cage fight a CNBC personality, who would you pick?”

@OA, can it be a blogger? I would tag team dope of slope w/ you [pause]. If I had to pick one, Joe Kernan.

Billy Cutting

“better Swazye flick – Roadhouse or Point Break?”

@billy, LOL, neither. I’d rather stare at my wall #factsonly

“Better name for a dog, Patrick Swayze or Kevin Costner?”

@OA, I’d have to go with Swayze, lol

“Favorite blog posts on IBC that come to mind. Any blogger.”

@oa, this one: CLICK HERE


How long would the Fly last in Louisiana?

@Earl, not even an hour, off the plane, followed by jumping right back on as soon as possible. This I know to be true.

Billy Cutting

“if you could be one character from the Sandlot, excluding Benny and Smalls, who would it be?”

@billy, great question, it would have to be Benny. Otherwise, I would commit suicide.

Thomas Jefferson

What themes are you preliminary stalking for the hazy days of summer? i have set up my book to slowly move out of positions between April expiry and May expiry, and will be looking to only execute 1-2 high conviction ideas for the summer so I don’t waste so much time staring at my screen when the sun is out.

@Thomas Jefferson, Short biotech, long volatility, long oil.

Thomas Jefferson

“Also, most important lessons learned as a small business owner.”

@Thomas Jefferson, do not hire friends. Make sure well capitalized. The first few months is rough.

Green Machine

“Do you ever invest? That is, are all trades focused on sashaying (extra Zorro) in and out of the next pick from the screen, or are do you set aside a pool of stocks that will pay you steady divies when you are on the front porch rocker unable to click buy or sell or disinterested in doing so?”

@green, I have a separate account with long term positions, I do not talk about them much here. No one cares about slow money here.


“Rob Gronkowski or Tony Gonzalez”

@someone, Easy. Tony Gonzalez

“Aaron Hernandez or Darren Sharper”

Tough, but got to stick with sharper, he helped the Saints win a superbowl. I can look past the rape. #diehard


“Did you ever want to punch someone from the comments section ?”

@bear, I use to, but I don’t get upset with people over the internet anymore. You never know what lunatic you are dealing with.

Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj?

@OA, Katy Perry, I did think for a second though.

“Have you ever been to TJ Ribs?”

@Trashman, Love that place. Shaq is all over the restaurant. Overpriced, but decent food. I’m hungry for Ribs now, dammit.

MIla Kunis or Megan Fox?

@OA, This one I did not have to think about. Megan Fox no question.

“Hennessy or Courvoisier?”

@OA, I thought you knew me better, Hennessy.

Billy Cutting

Tupac still alive?

@Billy, Alive. He will be the antichrist.

Cope or grizz? Mint or wintergreen?

Wintergreen, no doubt about it.  And, absolutely no dip for me. However, I will puff on Mary Jane from time to time.

Why did Chess really quit? (yeah I went there).

You said anything was open for posts.

iBC is way too classy to start wars but I still reserve the right to ask.

@marc, I knew someone would ask. In my opinion, he wanted to be his own business man.

“Buy a house or invest in stocks?”

@trashman, I’ve read articles saying to buy stocks. To me that is ludicrous. BUY A HOUSE.

“Have you ever seen a live shrimp while swimming?”

@Marc, can’t say that I have. I don’t swim in swamps. I stick to clear beaches, like Destin, FL. My favorite spot.


“Rand Paul, Ron Paul, or Chris Paul?”


Billy Cutting

Last one – your last round of golf ever..what course and 3 ppl with you.

@billy, probably 7 years ago. I’ve only played a full round maybe 3-4 times. It was a small course in Crowley, LA (Bayou Bend).


“1. Boxers or briefs?
2. Is a deal with Iran good or bad?
3. End of year projections for the market?
4. World Series winner this year?
5. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around….?
6. Is it possible you can write a better post that this?”


1. Briefs

2. bad

3. lower

4. cubs

5. smoke it

6. I love these types of posts (sorry)


“Best Abita beer that isn’t Purple Haze.”

@badduck, Tubodog


“John Belushi or Chris Farley?”

@biffer, Chris Farley


“Please discuss Lady Guinevere and was a missing persons report filed.
Did she have a baby (larvae) by fly?
Where is Devil dog? Did his demise cause Fly to leave Staten Island late on a winter night?”

@IW, Lady Guinevere was assassinated with laser beams, I heard it was ugly. Negative on the baby. Devil Dog is around, but for some reason does not show up around these parts. The Fly has access to a time machine, he moved right before Sandy tore the Island a new asshole. Coincidence? I think not.


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Dollar And A Dream

I’ve been doing this blogging gig for nearly 9 years now. My first google blogger account was setup back in August of 2006, but I quickly left that 3rd tier site to join forces with The Fly at iBankCoin. For the new comers, and those interested, the story can be found HERE.

As some of you have walked with The Cajun over the years, reading my pain, I am reminded why I started doing this in the first place. It all started as a dream.

Growing up, I did not have much. Having a large family (7 of us), there was not a lot of extra money to go around. My parents could not spoil me, like I do my daughter, for the simple fact if they bought something for me, they would have to for everyone else. I hated Christmas. My friends were loaded with stuff, and all I got was one singular gift.

Looking back at it all, I’m am grateful for a large family, grateful for my mother & father who instilled deep spiritual values in me versus material things of this world. At the time though, I hated it. I hated my brother and sisters, I hated my friends. I remember my best friend turning 16 and getting a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee. I wanted one. Being a tall guy, I needed an SUV. But, you know what I was driving? A fucking Toyota Tercel, that was passed down (luckily) from my sister. I look back and wonder how in the hell did I fit in that car?

From Age 16, in order to drive, I had to have a job, I had to pay my own insurance, gas, ect. If not, it was back to the bus. I quit all sports, giving up my love for basketball & baseball in efforts to drive and become independent. I was the hustler type, picking up any and every shift I could, the manager would often have to send me home at the end of the week in fear of paying me overtime.

I soon learned the working man was a sucker. Why the hell do I want to spend my life slaving away at a job, while my friends got to enjoy life as a teenager? I thought there has to be a better way, and was determined to never have a 9 to 5 as I raised a family later in life.

I never had dreams to go to college, even though my parents wanted to see me there. I didn’t qualify for a TOPs scholarship (like my sister), or an athletic scholarship (I quit sports to work), so if I wanted to go, guess what? I had to pay my own way.

The first year out of high school, I opted out of college. I was working at a small seafood restaurant owned by Al Copeland, called Wholly Mackerel. I have stories on Dining out, click HERE. At age 18, I became the service manager and was making a bunch of money for my age. Little did I know, the reason I was promoted was they didn’t want to bring anyone else on, they were shutting down the restaurant. They didn’t tell me that however.

Being the young broke kid that I was, as soon as I made some money I went out to buy an SUV, not any SUV, an infinity QX4 (way over my budget). I didn’t care, I wanted something nice. A few weeks later, after I paid my first $600 note, I was laid off and the business was shut down.

I had to hustle up at this point in order not to lose my new prize possession. I started waiting tables for tips, jumping from one restaurant to the next.  Being on my feet for so long, I developed what is called Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain. Work became miserable, I could not stand longer than 3 hours without being in significant pain. I remember thinking then, “all of this pain just to drive around in a nice car that I no longer care about?”

The next day, I put my SUV up for sale. I also decided to go to college. I couldn’t be on my feet all day, I needed a job where I could sit down. I applied for student loans, moved out to the country, and started studying accounting at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, home of the Ragin’ Cajuns.

After my first year in college (2001-2002), I opened my first online Scottrade account. I was still waiting table through college, but started to add to this bullshit 4 figure account every chance I got. My first trade was a home run, a wireless company that was bought out by AT&T, I was hooked.

As I continued to build my account, I wanted more capital to trade so I applied for an additional student loan to add capital to my account. This was back in 2005-2006 where you could buy any stock and wake up the next morning to see it gap up 4 points. I built this account quickly above 25K, which was the goal, because I wanted to daytrade.

I started a blog to hold myself accountable for my trades, create plans, develop discipline, all that fun stuff. Never in a million years did I think it would lead to this.

Upon graduating, which was in 2007– the top of the market, no one was hiring in my field. The brokers were going out of business a la Lehman Brothers.

I settled for a management position at a retail fitness chain that allowed me to trade while working (No Woodshedder). I loved the key fob fitness retail concept so much, that I wanted to own one myself, but needed more capital.

Blogging wan’t paying much $500-$800/mo at the time, but I used every bit of that side money, along with some of my trading profits, and a loan, to start my first gym.

I now have two gyms, drive that Jeep Grand Cherokee I wanted when I was younger (overland edition of course), and do not currently have a 9 to 5. I am able to spend time with my wife and kid(s) whenever I want and no longer have to work on my feet.

It all started with a dream, which is cliche, but true. When I started the blog, my mother gifted me a real live AAPL stock certificate for Christmas in 2006. She put a label on the bottom saying, “Dreams Do Come True”. I never thought much of the label, but my mother did. She knew at the time that we have the power to make dreams become reality, I did not.

Looking back on things, my dream came true. I am living my dreams in this very moment, and you can too. All it took was a dollar and a dream.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 3.03.14 PM



“When you are on your last dollar, do you fold, grow bitter and grow cold? No longer fightin’ now the only thing you grow is old, Or do you flip that fuckin’ dollar to a dream? Whether a scholar or a fiend, watch a pawn become a king.”

-Mr. Dollar and a Dream

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Ocean Full Of Muddy Waters

Judging by my traffic stats, it appears you guys would rather read about me lawn problems than actual actionable ideas, amazing.

I don’t blame you though. This market stinks. And, when I say this market, I don’t actually mean today’s market, I mean the last 12 months. Please don’t misconstrue this post as a sign weakness from myself, as my readers like to do. I had great months, I’ve had poor months. I am profitable and making money on the year, but trading never use to be this way– at least not how I remember it.

Option addict made a great point today in after-hours saying, “Why does every down day have to feel like we are on the cusp of a major breakdown?” He’s not speaking from his perspective, but rather Wall Street in general. That statement resonates with me, because it is the truth.

The Fly has convinced me, seeing the raw data in Exodus, it’s time to leave the fast money alone. The real gains have been in real companies with significant cash flow. Lucky for me, I have early access to his screens.

I like the idea of fishing from a smaller basket of winners, versus an ocean full of muddy waters.

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