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Today’s action worries me a little bit. I wanted to see continued strength from the previous week. What will get the market moving now? We already had our rate cut.

There’s not a lot of places I want to put my money except for the agriculture sector. Fertilizer stocks showed amazing strength throughout the day, and I believe will continue to act strong throughout the week. Take a look at [[MOS]], [[POT]], & [[TNH]].

We have [[CF]] & [[BG]] reporting later this week, with good numbers, ferts will continue to grow.

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Monday Morning Update

I hope you are participating in all the solar fun this morning. Right off the gates, a few names have been running, I happen to be playing via [[YGE]]. Click here for a list of solar plays. Don’t forget [[JASO]] has a 3/1 split coming soon.

I also think the Ags are setting up to make a run. We have a couple of big names reporting this week, and could give a spark to the sector. Click here for that list.

Call me crazy, but I think we end the day positive. If we don’t, make sure you pick up one of these.

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