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The World Is Our Oyster…. Cathie Wood 2020 Person Of The Year

As a father of two girls I enjoy seeing Cathie Wood winning. One-fifth of her firm’s gains come from her ownership in $TSLA, and FinTwit (Financial Twitter) can’t stand it. Why is it that when anyone reaches a certain level of success the Congradulate turns into hate?

If my daughter ever gets into finance, specifically asset management, I would tell her to study Cathie Wood. I would tell my the daughter the same things Cathie outlines in this video: Focus on solving problems, follow the growth, and go where the heard is not.

Cathie has been in Finance for 40 Years, has built a solid track record, and now seeing her work reach legendary status as 2020 comes to an end. Everyone says what she did is easy, as she did what any “Robinhood” investor has done, simply hold the line in tech companies. If it was so easy, why did every asset manager not see the same level of success?

Looking forward, she believes technology platforms are changing the world we live in: Artificial intelligence, robotics, energy storage, genome sequencing, and the blockchain. Looking ten years out, she mentions Quantum Computing.

If you have 30 minutes this weekend, I highly suggest taking in this video. She even gives us a few genome stocks, that in her opinion, have the potential to outperform $TSLA:


Cheers to a great year Cathie. May your $NNDM explode higher like Roman Candles as we end this year. You deserve all the success you are getting, job well done.



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    100% agree. Let’s go $NNDM

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  2. Raul3

    she is a threat to all these fragile male egos

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