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The Master Screen Inside Exodus Continues To Perform

I was away for most of the day dealing with real world issues, but I did manage to sneak away with some coin thanks to the almighty $BIOC. The penny stocks continue to give the best action and today was no different as covid names started to catch a bid once again.

It’s almost comical to me that the NASDAQ futures are trading back to 10,000. This market has the ultimate bid underneath but I still can get behind buying the indices or even leaders like $AAPL. For this reason, I will continue to look to the Exodus master screen for quick trades. $BIOC lands #1 in terms of volume on today’s screen and has been a constant name highlighted on this blog. $IBIO has been another name on this list as of late. We even got the oils popping back on, most notably, $OXY.

Again, for Exodus members this has has been my go-to screen to find trading ideas. Monday’s list is no different with a bunch of tickers worth watching. For a full look at today’s screen: CLICK HERE.

Exodus members make sure to bookmark screen HERE.

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