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Is There Anything Left To Buy?

Earnings season is coming to an end and the theme is common, “zero forward guidance”. No one knows where we will be in three months, yet everyone has an opinion on where this rigged market will trade.

I’ve become disconnected with stocks, real stocks anyway like $AAPL. Why? Does Apple interest you above $300/share, at a 1 trillion valuation? The answer for me is no. Yet, they refuse to sell off the rotten fruit.

I’m finding value in the small caps, the micro caps even. We have some screens we are using inside Exodus to find runners such as $NNDM, which is up a cool 500% when you factor in the after-hours action.

The dash for trash is on, and quarantine is just about over. PPP funds will expire in 4 weeks, and so will more jobs. Everything is setting up for a great dump into the election, or is it? Your guess is as good as mine. For me, at least I have a master list to follow daily:



Exodus members make sure to bookmark the links above as they are paramount in the market environment. The long term picture is just about gone in my opinion. Keep your money in rotation, implementing time stops on positions if no movement. Stop thinking months and years down the road. Start thinking what will move tomorrow. Only then will you succeed in this environment.

Here’s a look at the master list at the close: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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