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$VIR CEO Confident They Can Make A Vaccine For The Wuhan Coronavirus

Apparently the Coronavirus is no match for VIR Biotechnology. In the video below, the CEO of $VIR explains how they have been very successful in the past with Ebola and Zika. He also notes that his company has been anticipating the next coronavirus and have isolated antibodies from both SARS & MERS, two previous coronaviruses.

Dr. George Scangos, CEO, states that early data suggests the Wuhan coronavirus is considerably more infectious than SARS, however less lethal. He then goes on to say the Flu is no match for his company. See video below:

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  1. Dr. Know

    I work in Biotech. They don’t have anything in their pipeline past 1.

    I can crush coal and make a diamond. Prove me wrong.

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