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I Am Now A Disney Plus Subscriber

I’ll start the post by saying I am long $DIS stock, and have no plans to sell in the immediate future. Some stocks you trade, some you hold, this is one you hold.

Right upon logging in to the service I knew $DIS had a winner on its hands, unlike $AAPL plus, which is pure garbage. The selection from $DIS was a lot better than I anticipated too. Classics after classics with Endgame front and center. The joy from my two daughters as they browsed the catalog of movies. How lucky are they? Any Disney classic at their fingertip, no waiting, just click and watch.

My 4 year old pulled up Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on her iPad, my 8 year old watched Decedents on her iPod, and of course I pulled up endgame on my iPhone. From each device, we were able to instantly stream to the TV by using the airplay function. Pretty simple, and pretty awesome.

I’ll even go as far as saying this service smashes $NFLX, for now anyway. Stay away from $NFLX.¬†$DIS is a name you buy on dips if you missed our buy near $130. I wouldn’t buy it up so big here, but on dips it is worth adding to the portfolio.

-Satisfied Disney Plus subscriber

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    You just put the iBC Sicilian Hex on DIS.

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