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All-Time Highs Are In Sight; More Charts To Review

3028 is the recent high for the S&P 500, and I thought early on we might break through it. However, that would have been too easy, and the result may have been a failed high as the buying dried up late in the day. I like this setup better, a pause, then break. We could very well put in a doji candle tomorrow, which could give more fuel when we break to new highs. I’ve also heard talks of triple tops too. I’m ready for anything.

While we prepare for new highs, let’s get a fresh look at the hybrid screen. Today we have fewer results, but still a bunch to work with. For those that want to view the whole screen without filters, I’ve imported to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE

Charts are interest from today’s screen include:


Note/disclaimer: I bought some $NVTA today. Let’s get some new highs.

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