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Jack Dorsey In Breakout Mode

Jack Dorsey is winning this week as both $SQ & $TWTR are in breakout territory. $SQ saw a huge jump this morning through the $75 level, and looks poised to make a run back to old highs, we likely see $80s this week. The cash app, from $SQ, is finally getting the love it deserves with a bullish piece out just yesterday. With the bullish price action in Bitcoin, traders could flock to $SQ for the next  momentum trade.

2yr Daily Chart below:


And, $TWTR, Jack’s other love, is just beginning to breakout out on the weekly charts. We were buying the name last week and continue to like it here:


Jack Dorsey is winning, the proof is in the stock prices. The two names above are likely my two top picks here. Job well done Jack.

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