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$CGC Lines Up The Cannabis Trade Ahead Of 4/20

Canopy Growth sets up the cannabis trade into 4/20, with news of a possible acquisition of Acreage holdings. $ACB, another leader in the cannabis industry, was also in the headlines pre-market an upgrade and a positive press release. Indeed, the Cannabis trade is alive and well as we head into the pot smoking holiday, April 20th. Inside Exodus a few more interesting tickers within the industry made our top hybrid screen: $HEXO & $CTST. $HEXO was also on our overnight screen, which can be found HERE.


Let’s see if the Cannabis can regain it footing. The $HEXO sure looks good to go (watch for a big break above 7.33):


As for $CTST, I’m looking for $8, then $9, in short order:

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