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Throwing Away Easy Money Made Buying Weed Stocks: I bought $SHLD

It’s been a hell of a week inside Exodus as many of us are piggybacking The Fly’s cannabis stock picks for some nice coin. Just take a look at $TRPX after-hours. Indeed, it has been a fun trading environment inside our trading room.

With all of this newly minted coin laying around, I decided to throw away some of it by buying shares in $SHLD holding. Sears landed back on the momentum screen inside Exodus and looks poised for a bounce here. With $AMZN making waves with its retail front, I’m betting someone may take a look at Sears’ prime real estate portfolio.  I’ve positioned for it to go to ZERO, because the company is dead in the water without a real estate bid, but here I am in at $1.30– let’s see what happens.

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