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How About That $NFLX?

What a move today in $NFLX, just a relentless climb straight from a gap lower at the open. $TWTR is still setup well (Just check the monthly chart Bro), keep it on watch from Monday’s hybrid screen inside Exodus.

So what else is there to watch as we close the week? Well, we have another 100+ names to sort through inside our screener, but I will do the work for you. For those interested in the full screen? CLICK HERE. Otherwise, here are my favorites as we close the week.


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See you guys at the open…

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  1. pilsnermonkey

    There was a fair bit of $TIF insider buying in March/April followed by a dip in price. ($TIF made the full screen in RC’s post, above.) It is now trading again at levels where the insiders were accumulating. FWIW

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  2. banks

    Assface says to ceilingnose,
    this ponzy scam will ride till there is no dollar left to trade with,
    after that, brightly colored nose hairs will be currency, split ends and hairs wiith knots are highly collectable.

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