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The Following Stocks Look Good To Go

I’ve just completed a glaze over today’s 200+ hybrid movers found in Exodus today. Below, are the tickers I will be watching as we head into another trading day on Thursday. My favorite chart might be this $WATT, coupled with a +50% change in score today. Which one is your favorite?


As an aside, I bought shares in $YY Wednesday morning. Get ready for a large move one way or the other. It’s coming, and my bet is up.

See you guys at the open…

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  1. Mushroomz

    $AKS looks good. $CLF looks good, would like to see it casually double in price

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  2. Mensch

    You were supposed to put SE just before X. Missed opportunity.

    Your friend,

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  3. Mav

    Anyone have thoughts on $SOI here?

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