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Stocks Run Like A Bat Out Of Hell

The last few days in the market have been incredible to watch. The intraday swings are intense and big, as both sides fight/struggle for control. All looked lost for the overall market at the open, as the 200 day moving average failed for the S&P 500, and pervious day lows were quickly taken out. But as they say, “from failed moves, come fast moves”. The market rejected yesterday’s low and the rest was history for short sellers.

My go-to stock screen in this type of situation is the Runner screen inside Exodus. I’ve imported today’s screen to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE. From tonight’s screen the following are worth an eye: SNAP, CTL, FEYE, DKS, MARA, & TWLO

As a bonus: $SOGO was one of today’s top hybrid movers. Keep that one on watch.

Side question: is anyone buying $SPOT here?

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  1. thegametheorist

    I’ve been thinking about SPOT. Gonna let the market find value for a couple days before I do get in. Plan to hold long term

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