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Big Day For Steel Stocks, Bitcoin Back Above 10K, & Oil Over $60

Did you guys see the move in steel names on Friday? Is the Trump trade alive and well? Just take a look at the letter X, $AKS, or even down the food chain to names like GGB. Have a look below:


Oil is trading higher tonight in the futures session, and looks ready to rock and roll here with the price of black gold back above $62. Many names were left for dead last week, but look ripe for a nice little squeeze here.

We need to revisit the industry maybe as early as tomorrow. What are some of your favorites oil names? From Friday’s runner screen, here are a few ripe to squeeze: SLCA, FMSA, RDC, NOG, & BBG

And, apparently Bitcoin is back trading above 10K. The entire market cap breached 500M for a brief minute, but has since fallen below that mark. $RIOT ruined the fun on Friday with CNBC taking Aim at the company’s CEO. Let’s see if the group can bounce back, here are a few of my favorite proxy crypto plays: GCAP, NXTD, GROW, DPW, & HVBTF

Let’s see if oil can get moving this week, and if this move in bitcoin is for real. See you guys at the open.

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  1. mad marsupial

    If by “Trump Trade” you actually mean “Ross Trade,” then possibly. Tariffs: http://money.cnn.com/2018/02/16/news/economy/steel-aluminum-tariffs-trump/index.html

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  2. rangersfan

    $clf looks ready to rip

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