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China Back On Watch This Week

It’s another Monday and our hybrid screen is populating over 100 tickers yet again. China was the standout today, and I have my eye on the following hybrid movers this week:


Toys & Games also had a strong day today thanks to $HAS & $MAT, as did the banks. Here are Monday’s top industries at the close:

For those interested in today’s full list of hybrid movers, look no further than HERE. Let’s watch that $JMEI tomorrow. See you guys at the open…

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  1. dlrago8

    RC, what’s up with LABU? Time to get long?

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  2. dlrago8

    Bought this mornings dip in LABU – Dec calls.
    Also bought NVDA calls and those aren’t looking as pretty .. yet .. hoping for that afternoon bounce.

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  3. dlrago8

    My gut says to short.
    Fly has over sold signal.
    Trying to sit on my hands.
    Don’t think we holds these gains end of day.
    But nothing to base that on.

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