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Who’s Ready For A Good Ol’ Fashion ‘Rip Your Face Off Rally’ In Solar?

Ah yes, it feels like 2006 all over again with First Solar destroying estimates, and the Cajun installing solar panels on his double wide trailer. Have any of you guys glanced over the $FSLR numbers for the most recent quarter? YUGE BEAT, YUGE RAISE. This thing is going to $60 in a hurry, and yes we are long inside Exodus (so I’m talking my book).

Exodus gave us the heads up as we began the week, see my earlier tweets below:


So what’s the play here? Buy dips in $FSLR, every dip. This thing has potential to hit $100, seriously. $CSIQ is another name I like here, and think we see $20 in a hurry.

And, for you gamblers out there, check out little $RGSE. This ticker has been on my runner screen damn near every day this week. The company has a history of diluting shares, similar to $DRYS, but the dilution appears to be done. The company just announced a big partnership with Dow chemical for rooftop like panels, and appears to have that momo-like flag pattern. No way am I endorsing this name, and under $2/share it’s a straight sell, but it is something to watch.

The Solar Rally of 2017 is upon us. Developing…..

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  1. ProBucks

    Solar is the biggest scam sector.. praying on the weak minded greedy tree huggers who passed up TSLA when it was in the double digits.

    I dont doubt you RC or the Exodus numbers, but on principal i’ll have to just sit back and watch the Solar Sector from afar.

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  2. ferd

    Recent Barrons re conditions favoring US-based panel mfg … FSLR http://www.barrons.com/articles/will-new-tariffs-dim-the-solar-power-boom-1506746992

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