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A Weekly Look At The US Stock Market

The bulls did a hell of a job this week fighting off bears, as the Dow managed to stay green the entire week as well as close in new record territory, 23,000.  To end the week, bears were skinned alive as every sector was well in the green, minus Utilities.

On a weekly basis, your industry leaders can be found below. Retail short sellers saw the most pain this week as many retailers moved up in hybrid rank. Drug stocks also had a strong showing this week:


For review this weekend, the following names had the largest move in Hybrid score inside our trading software, Exodus. For those of you confused as to what the hybrid score is CLICK HERE.

Into next week, let’s keep an eye on: TERP, TRUE, TWLO, & FLR

Have a good weekend all!

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    RC, what makes you/your friend like BB (BBRY) ?

    I was planning on going heavy into some Dec/Jan calls already before you said that but just curious what made it pop onto your radar


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