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10 Things You Will Learn From Tonight’s Stock Screen

Here is everything you need to know about today’s trading day, just from looking at today’s hybrid screen inside Exodus:

  1. The Chips are still hot, and when I say chips, I mean Semiconductor stocks: See $MU, MRVL
  2. Warren Buffet appears to be wrong selling his shares in $IBM, up a cool 9% today (which is a huge move for big blue).
  3. Steel is back in play, the wall is indeed coming: AKS, X
  4. The China squeeze continues, stick with the best: BABA & JD
  5. Somehow Sirius radio is alive and well, as $SIRI looks to break to fresh highs on the year.
  6. Never bet against Tesla! $TSLA now firmly back above the 50 day moving average
  7. There are a bunch of nervous short sellers: DKS, EFX, SYNA, & SHOP
  8. There are a ton of mattresses being sold across the globe due to natural disasters : SCSS
  9. There are also a ton of people who apparently need to find the true value of their automobile: $TRUE
  10. And, Google is still king! Long the $GOOGL

Here is Wednesday’s full hybrid screen: CLICK HERE

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