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A Few Things I have Done This Week

Well let’s start with Tesla, since that seems to be a hot topic around here. I sold my recent long position for a minor gain, I did this because a man I trust more than all the analysts at Morgan Stanley went bearish on the name in the short term.

Another thing I’ve done this week is purchased The Fly’s book on Amazon. He gave me a free copy, but this is what you do when someone puts their heart and soul into their work. Go get your copy NOW.

Let’s see…. what else have I done this week. Well, I purchased shares in SnapChat, I told you guys to watch that $15 level #fireworks.

What else…I purchased $DRYS this week as it landed on the runner screen inside Exodus. I did not tell anyone, because I knew I would lose money. It’s a dumb bet.

I also got to walk through my first commercial project this week. My first strip center. Call me a young Donald Trump. No, wait. Don’t call me that.

And, I’ve also┬áspoke to an old friend. He’s assured me that $BBRY is going much higher, much much higher.

See you guys at the open.

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  1. Raul3

    ::humbled:: you the man RC

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  2. rangersfan

    You think Auburn can beat LSU this weekend?

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