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Apple Is Now The Largest Watchmaker In The World, Passing Rolex

One of the first new gadgets in Apple’s live event is the iWatch Series 3. The company boasts the watch grew 50% year over year, and now has become the largest watchmaker in the world passing up Rolex.

The new series 3 iWatch will have cellular capabilities and will be able to make calls without your iPhone. The company boast having 40M songs on your wrist with the combination of Apple Music. A game changer. $AAPL stock is squeezing higher as I type.

The company has also announced a new 4K TV, and is currently going over the specs for the iPhone8. You may view the live event at Apple.com.

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  1. thegametheorist

    First one I am considering buying. No word on scratch or shatter improvements though? I feel like I’d need a case for my watch if I fall down lol

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  2. android

    AAPL is squeezing lower as I type

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