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$FIT Fitbit Squeezes Short Sellers On Diabetes-Monitoring Partnership

Fitbit is up over 13% today on news that the company has formed a partnership with Dexcom to allow diabetics to monitor blood sugar through Fitbit’s new smart watch.

Do you realize how huge this is? Do you realize the growing number of diabetics in the world? I’m talking epidemic numbers. Well, it no wonder $FIT lands near the top spot on our Exodus screener:


Fitbit says they plan to make data from Dexcom available in its new watch, The Ionic. Fitbit states this feature will be available by early 2018. You can see the latest smartwatch line below:

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  1. unclebuccs

    RC – there’s a lot of toxic corpses to be harvested… And the correlation between the sugar diabetes and cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s keeps being found. The only true cure is diet, so that means we’re going to have a tremendous number of patients for a long time to come.

    Not sure if you read Dr. Fung’s blog, but he does a really good job explaining how sugar, and especially fructose do so much damage:




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    • Rc

      Good stuff as always Uncle Bucs.

      $FIT will be taken out at some point. Makes a lot of sense for googl or Samsung to combat aapl watch.

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