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What’s On My Buy List?

Here’s a look at a few names on my radar, all of which come straight from the “buy list” inside Exodus. For members of our premium trading service, you may save the “buy list”¬†HERE.

The first name that jumps out at me is $BZUN. The stock made a powerful move today, up 13%, closing above the all important $35 level. As long as it stay above $35, it should be good to go here:


$SFUN, another Chinese name, has landed on the buy screen. Dips should be meet with buying so long as the 50 & 200 day moving averages hold here:


$ATI – This one keeps popping up on my screens, and should be monitored here as it tries to break free from a multi-year base. Take a look at the 2year weekly chart:


If gold breaks free here, $NGD is a name you want to be long according to my Exodus buy list:

My screen also likes, $IAG:

& $GG with strength in Gold:


Today’s full list can be found HERE. See you guys at the open…

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  1. Jay

    Thanks for the watch list RC! There are some great names on here. BZUN and the China-internet names in general have been really strong lately. Fingers crossed the momentum can keep rolling!

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