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A Few Names Ready To Squeeze Higher

Here are a few names worth watching here, all of which popped up on my Exodus “squeeze” screen. To make it to this screen the stock must be in the top 20% in rank, meaning it must have a strong combined fundamental & technical score. The stock also must be “up” greater than 2% on the day, we are looking for momentum. And, the stock must have a short percentage of 10% or greater, adding fuel to an already up-trending stock.

For those inside the Exodus trading room, you may bookmark this screen HERE. For the unwashed, here are a few names on my radar.

GLUU – This one has been on my screen for a number of days and show no signs of slowing down. If you zoom out to a weekly chart you can see the potential here. We are in breakout mode, looks for shorts to cover:


BITA – Another one that has been popping on and off this screen. This one is more of a gamble here with earnings in front of us, but the technicals are ripe for a squeeze:


ESV – If oil can break back above $50, watch for this one to break above the 50 day moving average to ignite the squeeze:


CF – The Ag complex has been heating up, and this is ripe to run. Watch for a red to green move with strength in the industry:


Let’s see if the bulls can run a few of these names. Developing…

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  1. uglyflint

    What stop price would you use on GLUU ? Do you have a set % for every trade ?

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  2. Jay

    Thanks for the charts RC. These look great and will definitely keep an eye on them tomorrow for possible trading opportunities.

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