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Alibaba Added To Conviction Buy List; Unveils Smart Speaker

Alibaba, symbol $BABA, is back flirting with 52 week highs as the company unveils a new smart speaker to rival Amazon Echo and Google’s Home. The stock has also been added to a conviction buy list at UOB, which was noted by Barron’s blog, and has made it to the top of today’s hybrid screen. Take a look at this beauty:


Other notable stocks to watch here from today’s Exodus screen include:


Bulls get the W after the the flag waiving holiday. Here’s your full screen for review tonight: CLICK HERE.

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  1. Raul

    When alibaba was algorithmically selected by Exodus to be a stock I own for the next 12 months I literally jumped for joy (VIDEO ON BLOG)

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  2. Jay

    Thanks again for sharing RC! I have been riding this trend in BABA for a while now and happy to see it back at the highs.

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