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Tech Leads, S&P 500 Back To Fresh Highs, And Some Tickers To Watch To Start Your Week

The market is off to a good start this morning with Tech stocks recovering lost ground. Also, the S&P 500 is back to fresh new highs putting put options and VIX positions worthless again, indeud.

Here’s a look at the top industries out the gate:


From today’s runner screen inside Exodus, here are a few tickers to watch to start your week:

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  1. Jay

    Thanks (as always) for sharing your trading watch list RC! I picked up some CMI this afternoon – I may be late to the party, but willing to take a swing at it. The strength across the board was pretty impressive today.

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    Dip buying has never been easier.

    The doom and gloom / rotation posts mark the bottoms.

    GOOGL > $1000 marks the top.

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