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CNBC Notes Healthy Rotation Out Of Tech

Technology stocks saw follow through to the downside to start the week as AAPL received a noteworthy downgrade to kick things off. CNBC notes healthy rotation out of tech into energy, and while that may be true, I’m not so sure oil has seen the lows of the year.

That said, energy names did find there way back onto Monday’s hybrid screen, with CRC, SN, & DO being the standouts:

The home construction stocks were also in play today, and $LEN is actionable right here, right now:

And, gold & silver found it’s way back on the screen with our old friend, $EXK, setting up for a move higher:


Despite the Nasdaq being the weak link, there are still 100+ names on today’s daily hybrid screen. Today full hybrid screen inside Exodus can be found HERE.

What are you guys watching here?

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  1. john_galt


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  2. Mensch

    Wondering what’s wrong with SWN. Didn’t really run with other O&G today. Any theories?

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  3. Jay

    Thanks for the list! LEN looks like a great potential trade idea. Thanks again RC

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